Shame is the Devil’s Game (Isaiah 54:4)

Isaiah 54 4

Do you have a past filled with questionable or downright bad decisions? I’m sure we all do to some degree or another. We’ve all made choices that turned out to be wrong. Sometimes those choices have caused hardship, to ourselves or those we care about, or they caused setbacks to us, financially, relationally, professionally, or spiritually. This verse addresses those mistakes.

Isaiah is reminding us that even if (though) we have made mistakes in the past, with God, we can put the shame behind us. We will never forget what we have done, and there may be long lasting consequences, but the shame we feel can be a thing of the past.

Once we confess our sins to God, he offers us forgiveness (1 John 1:9). Those sins are cast away and we are renewed in Christ. The problem is that the enemy tries to remind of us those sins and cause us to feel unworthy of God’s grace and forgiveness. “How could God forgive me for doing that?” you may ask yourself. You may fall for the lie that you’ve done too much or that your sin is too great to be truly forgiven. That. Is. A. LIE. Do not fall for it!

Paul, himself, was a persecutor of Christians before he was forgiven by Jesus. David was a murderer and adulterer, yet still called a man after God’s own heart. Our past needs to stay in the past – experience God’s forgiveness and love and grace in the present.

When you find yourself entangled in the web of lies and shame, it’s no wonder you can’t find comfort or peace in these times of trials. Part of finding comfort in God is recognizing the grace and forgiveness he has already blessed you with and trusting him even more. Don’t let Satan’s lie keep you bound in the burden of shame and guilt. Accept Jesus’ forgiveness and grace and trust in him and his Word.