Freedom (Memorial Day 2020)

2020-05-25 Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special day in this country. It is a day we pause to honor those who have fallen in service to our nation, protecting our rights and defending our freedom. It is also a day to remember those in our own families who have passed on from this life.

For the Christ-follower, Memorial Day should also be a day we consider the death of Jesus on the cross. It should be a day to honor his sacrifice for us so that we might be truly free – free from the grips of hell. In my tradition we honor this each week by partaking of the Lord’s Supper, a time to commemorate the death that Jesus suffered for each of us. In Jesus’ death he paid the price for our sins and offered a path to God through his blood. When we believe in Jesus’ life-saving death on the cross, we are given eternal life with him.

So today, take time. Take time to pause and reflect on Jesus and what his sacrifice means for you personally and for the lives of those family members who have gone before you. And take time to remember the soldiers, men and women, who have given their lives so that we can live in a country where we can freely talk about and worship Jesus. Without their sacrifice we would not be free to do so; but Jesus’ sacrifice is what truly makes us free.

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