Fear Not (Isaiah 35:4)

Isaiah 35 4In this series of devotions, I will be looking at 40 verses/passages in Scripture that speak to the topic of fear and anxiety. I’ve chosen to use the list provided by BibleStudyTools.com.
The first verse is Isaiah 35:4.
This verse is situated in a section of Scripture that is talking about the restoration of Israel after judgment. It is talking about the end times – when Jesus will come again and all with be restored. Isaiah is saying to the people to not be anxious – “fear not” – because God is coming to set things right once again.
This verse should give us all hope and courage in the face of this disaster. Though we can’t see our way out of it now, we know that there is coming a day when things will be made right once again. Jesus is coming again and when He does, all things will be as they should.
In the meantime, we recognize that things on earth are not as they should be – there is death and destruction, pain and suffering. But all suffering is temporary. In the end we will all be free from pain, free from anxiety, and free from fear, because we will see Jesus face-to-face when He comes again.
-Pastor Kevin

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