Feeling Stressed? Me too.

Do you feel busy lately? I know I do. I have a dozen irons in the fire right now, and I’m left wondering some days how I’m going to get through it all. I have real deadlines in all areas of my life, and they all seem to be due around the same time.

I know I’m not alone.

When I start to get down and overwhelmed with all that I have to do, it’s helpful for me to press pause and reflect on what’s really important. I think about my wife and kids, the blessings I have in family and friends, and the blessings I have related to my occupation and schooling. Most of all, however, I’m thankful that Jesus is walking beside me down this crazy road of life.

Jesus promises to never leave me in my time of need. He promises to stick with me through thick and thin, through times of busyness and times of less stress.

I knew that for a season I would be stretched thin – I am pursuing another master’s degree. I prayed about that decision and discussed it with my family. All were supportive. Honestly, I couldn’t be doing this without the support of my family, friends, and church. Through them, I see Jesus every day. I see his presence when I look into the faces of my wife and children. I feel his love through the hugs of my friends. I sense his support as volunteers step in to help fill in the gaps.

To me, Jesus is not some abstract concept simply to be thought about and talked about. Jesus is real. He shows me that every day, in the little things. When I get overwhelmed, which honestly has been a lot of times as of late, I stop and think of my Savior. I think about what he did for me at Calvary. I think about the assurances of love and acceptance he gives me. I am flooded with the grace he freely gives. And I see him working through my family and friends to remind me every day how truly blessed I am.

If you’re going through a stressful season, I encourage you to hit the pause button – even if just for a moment – to recognize all the blessings you have in your life, and to remind yourself that Jesus is with you always.