7 Things YOU Can Do this Easter to Help Guests Feel Welcome

Easter is Sunday! Are you ready?

This Sunday is Easter, and Easter is traditionally one of our largest attended services of the year. Here are 7 things that EVERYONE can do to help make this Sunday a grand success.

1. Please use the invite cards to invite the people you have been praying for. If you need additional cards, let me know and we will get you what we can.

2. Invite people even if they weren’t on your original list! The Easter Egg Hunt after the service is a big draw for families. Use social media to spread the word!

3. Continue to pray! Pray for those you are inviting, pray for those that others are inviting, and pray for those who may come in without a specific invitation – maybe they will read our newspaper articles or received a door hanger this past Sunday.

4. Be a one-time member of the First Impressions Team on Sunday. We need EVERYONE to help focus on the first time guests this Sunday. Think about their situation – first time in a new church – how would you want to be treated? Let’s forgo some of our usual fellowship to really make sure that guests feel welcome. Ask them about themselves. Tell them why you attend HCC! Do this both before and after the service.

5. Stay for the Egg Hunt, and cross the street! The families that come will no doubt stay for the egg hunt across the street. While the kids are hunting, the parents are often left standing alone. We need YOU to help them feel welcome and help them make connections. It will also be a great time for you to check out our remodeled Children’s Church room!

6. Be a one-time member of the outside greeting team! For Easter only (at this time) we would like to have 3 people outside to welcome and direct new families. There will be a person in each parking lot and one on Marshall. The purpose of these outside greeters is just to give a friendly smile/wave to people, and to let people know that we care about their experience from the moment they arrive, not just once they step in the door.


7. Be ready to give up your seat. When you see people coming into the auditorium on Sunday, think about where they want to sit. Most guests want to sit near the back and on the aisles. If those are your traditional seats, consider moving around a bit. Also take note of empty seats between you. If there’s not room for the family that just walked in, YOU be the person to move so that they can sit down together.

Easter Sunday is not about Hays Christian Church. It’s about something much bigger and more important: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. What you and I do on Sunday, however, may have a direct impact on whether or not a person is open to hearing the message of the gospel. If they have a terrible time finding a seat, if no one talks to them, if the church is dirty, or any number of other things, that can turn them off to hearing about what we’re all there for. Don’t underestimate your ability to point people to the Savior this Sunday!

Thank you for being an important part of our Hays Christian Church family! I look forward to seeing you and all of the first time guests this Sunday!

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