Guardians of Fatherhood

Fatherhood. It’s an issue that touches us all. No matter who we are, or how we were raised, we all have a father. Some fathers are absent; some are unknown; some are present; some are loving.

This past weekend my son and I saw “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two,” and I was surprised to the find the theme of fatherhood featured so prominently in a major superhero movie.

The main character, Star-Lord, was taken from Earth after his mother passed away from brain cancer. He was raised by a thief, Yondu. Yondu took Star-Lord in and raised him. Yet Star-Lord (real name Peter Quill) always wondered who his father was. He wondered how his father could have deserted his mother and him, and why he never came to find him after his mother passed away.

In the film, Peter does find out who his father is. They meet and, at least initially, have the reunion that Peter always wanted. Without giving too much away, the dream is almost always better than the reality.

Peter realizes that though he now knows his biological father, his true father was the man who raised him. It takes a tragedy for Yondu and Peter to admit their bond of love, but Peter soon realizes that he has had a father all along in Yondu.

What we see depicted in this movie reminds me of something that I saw hanging on the wall of my own dad’s office: “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy.”

Our father is dictated by biology – our daddy is the man who loves us and shows care and compassion for us. Our daddy is the one who stands by us when things get tough. Our daddy is the one who will lay down his life for us.

I was blessed to have a daddy like that; a man full of faith who would sacrifice for me, love me, and mold me into a man of God.

Some people, unfortunately, never find a daddy. There are no men in their lives who will stand up for them, love them, or sacrifice for them. For those individuals, the only daddy they may ever know is the Abba Father, God himself.

When Jesus taught us to pray, he tells us to pray, “Abba.” Abba is an affectionate word, sometimes translated “daddy.” Jesus teaches us that while our situation on earth may not be ideal, our Daddy in heaven is always with us, loving us, and ultimately willing to sacrifice for us.

Our Heavenly Daddy sent his own Son to die in our place, so that we can be with our Daddy for all eternity. It was the ultimate sacrifice made for us, regardless of who we are or what we have done. His sacrifice, and the obedience of Jesus on the cross, is what opens the door for us to experience true love and acceptance.

No matter what your life experience, know that there is a Daddy who knows you by name, who loves you, and who wants to connect with you on a personal level. Call out to him and experience the true love that only a Daddy can bring.