“You are Verified!”

I got a spam email today and the subject line was “You are verified!” That got me really excited. Not for the promise of making thousands of dollars a day that was contained in the email, but rather for the fact that the “you are verified” promise is one that I needed from God at just that moment.

The calling of a Christ-follower is difficult. There are many road blocks and pitfalls along the way. And at times, even those of us in vocational ministry, begin to question God’s timing, methods, and selection. “You are verified” reminds me that I have been chosen by God and given a specific calling that no one else on earth has been given. I have been called to a specific place to a specific people and for a specific purpose. I may not recognize all of that at every moment, but I trust that to be the case.

I am a verified servant of the King and as long as I seek to answer the call that God has placed on my heart, I will be doing the right thing. Hard times will come; times of questioning will come; but through it all I have confidence in Christ’s call – my verification – on my heart and life.

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