Notable Posts from Around the Web

10 Commandments for Pastors, Politics, and Social Media

In this post by Thom Rainer, he gives 10 commandments of social media. It’s geared toward pastors, but it really stands as good advice for all Christians. There is so much negative going on on social media, it’s good to remember these 10 things!

3 Morning Habits Guaranteed to Boost Brain Power

This post is by Charles Stone. He describes in the first part of the article what happens to the brain as we age. Did you know that our brains literally shrink as we age? Not only that, our working vocabulary shrinks. The vocabulary of a 30-year old is about 30,000 words. The vocabulary of an 80-year old is about 10,000 words. His solutions include doing brain training, adding exercise, and practicing mindfulness.

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